At Management That Cares, LLC, we manage every rental as if it were our own. We take meticulous care of each property, and strive to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to go beyond the call of duty. One of the most difficult challenges of managing a rental property is determining its rent potential. It must be priced affordably, but should also bring in substantial rental income. We offer every owner a rental market analysis, particularly before acquiring a property, in order to help owners to best manage their investments.

Another significant obstacle property owners face is finding quality, cost-effective maintenance. We offer full maintenance service from roof to lawn, and our team consists of trusted vendors we’ve been using for over 20 years. Our property management staff works hard to keep costs down for our owners, and we are able to customize each

Management That Cares, LLC was the first company in Downtown Memphis to truly specialize in property management, and it’s all we do. Our key staff members that have over 20 years of experience and focus on helping clients to reach the maximum potential with every property they own. Call today to learn more about our comprehensive property management packages.